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Welcome to Rust Realm

Rust Realm is a casual-friendly Rust server with an improved 2x loot table and monthly wipes. Join us to experience Rust in a new way!


Rust Realm is dedicated to providing a fun and exciting gaming experience for our players. We offer a unique Rust server with improved loot and regular wipes to keep the gameplay fresh. Our community is friendly and welcoming to players of all skill levels. Come join us and be a part of the Rust Realm community today!

How to connect via search:

  1. Launch Rust

  2. Click Play Game in the main menu

  3. Select Modded as the server type

  4. Search for

  5. Click Rust Realm in the server list and then Join Game


How to connect via console:

  1. Launch Rust

  2. Press F1 to open the console

  3. Input the following command: client.connect (Main Server)

  4. Press Enter


What We Are About

Improved Gameplay

At Rust Realm, we are passionate about providing the best Rust experience possible. Our offers improved gameplay with a 2x loot table, increased stack sizes and regular wipes to keep things fresh.


We are always looking for new and innovative ways to make Rust Realm even better. Our team is dedicated to creating a unique and exciting gaming experience for our players.


We believe that a strong and welcoming community is the key to a successful gaming experience. At Rust Realm, we strive to create a friendly and inclusive community for all of our players.


Our Server

Join Rust Realm Today

Our server is hosted on powerful hardware to ensure the best gaming experience possible. We also have a dedicated team of admins to ensure fair play and a safe environment for all of our players.

Community Discord

Join our community Discord to browse our server rules, stay current on updates, view wipe schedules and more. After joining, verify to receive access to a free in-game kit with special rewards!

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